BBQ School offers a range of BBQ Courses nationally throughout the year in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hunter Valley.

Classes, starting at $125 per person, demonstrate the ease and versatility of what we can all achieve when cooking and entertaining on the BBQ. Our most popular classes are BBQ Beer & Meat (taste matching craft beers) and the American Smoking Class but we also run classes focussed on a range of BBQ meats including Seafood, Tapas and Mexican.

Classes are both demonstration and hands on and are all inclusive which means you don’t have to bring anything other than a big appetite! We also offer you the class course notes with all recipes for you to take home!

Our relaxed, yet professional BBQ classes are most enjoyable and suitable for those who want to further expand their cooking skills. Whether you attend the class on your own, with your partner, your team at work, or just with a bunch of friends – BBQ School can guarantee a day of great food, drinks and company!

If you have a group of 12+ we can run classes especially for you or 6+ and we will open up a new class that is also available to the public subject to chef availability.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in the office on 1300 22 77 45 if you have any queries.

Open Class Voucher – enables you or your gift recipient to select any of our BBQ School classes at any date/location.To purchase an Open Class Voucher click on the gift vouchers tab and select Open Gift Voucher or please call us on 1300 22 77 45.

bbq meat

BBQ Meat

Love your meat?  Join this awesome class to learn how to cook your steaks and roasts to perfection…

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BBQ Seafood

Impress your guests as you cook up the perfect Seafood feast! Matched to a range of delightful wines…

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beer and bbq

Beer & BBQ

Beer & BBQ classes teach you to cook & serve a gourmet BBQ dinner party whilst matching it with craft beers…

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American Smoking BBQ

Gain an understanding of the 4 main BBQ regions of the United States, learn about “low and slow”, using charcoal, woods…

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bbq tapas

BBQ Tapas

Wow your friends with finger-licking Spanish Tapas dishes at your next BBQ, learn how to make the ultimate sangria…

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BBQ Chicken, Pork, Cider

Prepare & cook various cuts of delicious chicken & pork, learn how to flavour match the dishes to different ciders…

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BBQ Mexican

Put a little Fiesta into your next BBQ with delicious Mexican favourites. Margarita on arrival, finish with a White Choc…

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beer and seafood

Beer & BBQ Seafood

If you think you’re a master BBQ Chef and you want to take the next step in your BBQ Cooking journey…

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BBQ Christmas

Why not learn to cook up a Christmas feast with our BBQ Christmas Class? With dishes to match the special occasion…

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BBQ Christmas in July

A crackling fire, the gentle scent of mulled wine & a delicious roast dinner. Join our Yuletide fun and food in July…

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Brew & BBQ Master Class

We are offering 4 Seasonal Beer Brewing & Gourmet BBQ Cooking Courses that will inspire the Brew Master in you…

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BBQ Kids

BBQ Kids specializes in hosting hands on, creative & memorable kids cooking classes & parties for kids aged 6-14

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